Since 1981 onward White Lotus Home proved itself as a prominent maker of perfect natural products. Our customers are connoisseurs of the impeccable quality of the handiwork. That’s why our products are ordered by shops for bedding, massage parlors and schools, furniture stores and markets of natural raw materials goods and specific clients. The location of our central exhibition hall and the industrial company is in New Brunswick City, New Jersey. You may also buy our goods over the Internet or in the chain of our retails throughout the USA and Canada.
The most experienced New Jersey specialists make all our artifacts using every possible ecological material from America. All these years the company White Lotus House adheres to main principles: our goods should be environmentally friendly and we want to explain to all the clients the positive impacts of chemical-free bedding. The high quality of White Lotus House goods is based on their long-term use and waste reduction at the end of their working time.

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White Lotus Home 100% Organic Cotton and Wool with 2″ Foam Core Dreamton Mattress, King/8″

USDA Certified Organic Cotton, eco-friendly foam core, pure wool wrapped
Organic cotton is soft to the touch, but firm under pressure
This cotton and foam core and wool mattress is softer and more responsive than the All Cotton mattress